This is a good guide by Marieke Eyskoot


The book for those who want to live more sustainably, but don’t know how to. And don’t want to spend too much time, money and effort into it.

Slave to Fashion by Safia Minney


Through interviews with men, women and children caught in the clutches of fast fashion, Slave to Fashion both celebrates the many initiatives that are taking place in order to put an end to human hardship and reveals what more needs to be done.

Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press

by CLARE PRESS, 2016

In Wardrobe Crisis, fashion journalist Clare Press explores the history and ethics behind what we wear. Putting her insider status to good use, Press examines the entire fashion ecosystem, from sweatshops to haute couture, unearthing the roots of today’s buy-and-discard culture. She traces the origins of icons like Chanel, Dior and Hermès; charts the rise and fall of the department store; and follows the thread that led us from Marie Antoinette to Carrie Bradshaw.

Slow fashion by Safia Minney


This book features pioneering people and projects that will inspire you to be part of the change. With full colour photography, Slow Fashion profiles the people bringing the alternative to the mainstream: Fair Trade producers, designers, eco-concept stores across the world and campaigns that are fashioning a new economy.

Clothing Poverty by Andrew Brooks


Have you ever stopped and wondered where your jeans came from? Who made them and where? Ever wondered where they end up after you donate them for recycling? Following a pair of jeans, Clothing Poverty takes the reader on a vivid around-the-world tour to reveal how clothes are manufactured and retailed, bringing to light how fast fashion and clothing recycling are interconnected.

Stitched Up


Beautifully illustrated with specially commissioned designs, Stitched Up delves into the alluring world of fashion to reveal what is behind the clothes we wear. Moving between Karl Lagerfeld and Karl Marx, the book explores consumerism, class and advertising to reveal the interests which benefit from exploitation. Why does ‘size zero’ exist and what is the reality of working life for models? In a critique of the portrayal of race in fashion, the book also examines the global balance of power in the industry.

Overdressed bu Elizabeth L. Cline


Cheap fashion has fundamentally changed the way most Americans dress. Stores ranging from discounters like Target to traditional chains like JCPenny now offer the newest trends at unprecedentedly low prices. And we have little reason to keep wearing and repairing the clothes we already own when styles change so fast and it’s cheaper to just buy more.

Naked Fashion by Safia Minney


A guide to a more ethical, diverse and creative approach to the fabulous world of style and fashion, which has a history of exploitation on many levels. Presented as a highly visual title, this book includes stunning photography, interviews with key players who are revolutionalising fashion and examples of how people are doing things differently to create a more ethical fashion world.

To Die For by Lucy Siegle

by LUCY SIEGLE, 2008

An expose on the fashion industry written by the Observer’s ‘Ethical Living’ columnist, examining the inhumane and environmentally devastating story behind the clothes we so casually buy and wear. Coming at a time when the global financial crisis and contracting of consumer spending is ushering in a new epoch for the fashion industry, To Die For offers a very plausible vision of how green could really be the new black.

By Hand by Safia Minney


In this book, Safia Minney, People Tree’s founder, sets out the case for organically grown, handwoven cotton and Fair Trade fashion, through conversations with farming cooperatives, slum-based activists, garment workers and jewellery makers in Asia, Africa and Latin America. She chronicles how she has inspired top designers and models and worked with industry giants like Topshop and to rethink what is possible in fashion today.

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