Green Dreamer

hosted by Kaméa Chayne

Want to hear about Girlfriend Collective’s launch strategy? Or how Orsola de Castro co-created Fashion Revolution? Or the journey that led Erin Wallace, thredUP’s brand director to sustainable fashion? Knowledge empowers us to make more impactful choices, and we bet these individuals will inspire you a BUNCH!

Wardrobe crisis podcast

hosted by CLARE PRESS

Join Clare and her guests as they decode the fashion system, and dig deep into its effects on people and planet. This show unzips the real issues that face the industry today, with a focus on ethics, sustainability, consumerism, activism, identity and creativity.

The Low Tox Life

hosted by ALEXX STUART

The concept of living a Low Tox Life is one that rejects perfection, black and white notions of there only being one way to ‘do it right’. Instead, we take a relaxed and curious approach to better choices to incorporate into our lives as and if they fit. Low Tox therefore instead of ‘no tox’ which to most of us who aren’t on an off grid hippy commune, just isn’t achievable.

Spirit of 608 podcast


Stories, tips and advice from women at the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and tech. It’s F.E.S.T., and it’s the future.

Conscious Chatter Podcast


An inclusive audio space, Conscious Chatter opens the door to conversations about our clothing + the layers of stories, meaning and potential impact connected to what we wear. It’s a venue that allows us to continue to learn more about the garment industry and how we can all be a bigger part of positive change in the industry.

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Want a summary of why go into Ethical Fashion in the first place? Also find books, videos, documentaries and more on our resources page.

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