19 Ethical Swimwear Brands - Ethical Fashion Guide

19 Ethical Swimwear Brands

Whether you’re sunbathing at the beach or swimming laps at your local pool, we’ve got a swimwear brand that’ll match your needs, vibes and ethics!

Spring+Summer Capsule

Looking for timeless, fair fashion pieces for Spring/Summer? We’ve got your back!

Spring+Summer Capsule
Ethical Jewellery - Ethical Fashion Guide

9 Ethical Jewellery Brands

Jewellery that will make your heart sing without compromising on ethics!

Recently Added Brands

We bring the best ethical brands to you, and are working on it every day.
Here’s what’s new in the Ethical Fashion World!

  • 31 Bits

    Jewellery, bags and other accessories that empower artisans around the world. 31 Bits is a combination of love for people, fashion, design and travel to create goods that…

  • Carv

    Incredibly gorgeous minimalist leather bags and backpacks handmade in East London and North Devon, UK. All the products are entirely handcrafted stitch by stitch using environmentally sustainable vegetable…

  • Kantala

    Colourful vegan handbags made for the free-spirited and chic woman that has an appreciation for artisanal craftsmanship. Kantala’s accessories promote one of Sri Lanka’s oldest weaving techniques and…

  • Edward Mongzar

    Luxurious, handcrafted and ethically conscious pieces for women. Each item possesses serene luxury, encompassing the belief of unfading elegance, effortlessly. Edward prides himself upon creating pieces that are…

9 Ethical Brands for Kids

Thought Ethical Fashion was only for grown-ups? No, no, no. We’ve picked some here that are as ethical as gorgeous!

8 Ethical Brands for Kids - Ethical Fashion Guide

“Every time you spend money,
you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

3 Brands for Ethical Tights - Ethical Fashion Guide

3 Brands for Ethical Tights

Thought you had to make an exception and lower your ethos standards for tights? Think twice!

Expensive doesn't mean

well made

The Wearness co-founder Karolin Helou on luxury clothing, educated customers and her love for ethical fashion.

Expensive doesn't mean well made - Ethical Fashion Guide

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Congrats for stepping a first foot into the Ethical Fashion world! All the brands featured on the Ethical Fashion Guide manufacture their goods under safehumane and fair conditions. We choose to make that an absolute must-have condition, as we could hardly support anything that hasn’t been made fairly, even if all the other boxes were ticked.

There’s a lot more to be cared about though, which is why we made it easy to filter brands by ethics, country of manufacture and country of origin

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