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More and more people care about who made their clothes and in which conditions they’ve been made. But not everyone wants to spend hours researching brands and their ethics. The Ethical Fashion Guide is here to connect those people with these amazing brands who want to do fashion in a different way.

Loads of people are looking for ethical brands when hundreds of ethical brands exist already. We’re here to help you find them.

Where Ethics meet Aesthetics

Fashion is first and foremost about style, and will always be. But when it comes to the fashion industry, it can be two things: overwhelming (with choice) and unethical. We came up with the Ethical Fashion Guide to help you to pick brands matching your ethics requirements, while not sacrificing style.


We want to bring you what the fashion industry often lacks. We take pride in researching each brand individually to make sure we connect you only with truly ethical ones.


We want to celebrate companies’ efforts instead of bashing them for their wrongdoings. Don’t get us wrong, only brands that make garments made in an ethical way are featured, and we’re happy to have found some true gems of brands that seem irreproachable in every respect.

Some still need to work on some aspects though, which is why for each brand we’ve added ethics badges to guide you through what they’re already doing to make the fashion industry a better place.

by Brooke Cagle


Here’s a bunch of people you’d love to have over for dinner! Ok well, on a more serious note, the Ethical Fashion Guide wouldn’t exist without the help of its precious volunteers—here are some of them (the other ones were too shy for the publicity!). Thankyouthankyouthankyou x Infinity

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