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It is always good news to hear about a new format on sustainable fashion. So no wonder we at The Ethical Fashion Guide were all excited when BBC Sounds invited us to the launch of their new podcast on sustainable fashion, body positivity and all things empowering and impactful.

“Too curvy”?

The podcast is hosted by Charli Howard, a model and activist who rose to popularity by being dropped by a London modeling agency for allegedly being “too curvy” (wearing a UK size 8).

After letting out all her anger and frustration on a gone-viral Facebook post, she is now signed by a new agency and has become a passionate activist for body positivity and self-love.

So being a trendsetter in terms of body standards back then, it is no wonder that she is now dipping her foot into sustainable fashion at this day and age where sustainable consumption seems like the only way to go (or otherwise we might soon be unable to consume at all).

However, the podcast brings on all kinds of topics around the ever-so-slowly changing fashion industry, from body positivity over customer experience to the importance of sustainability for young fashion designers.

Ready, set, launch!

The launch of the podcast itself took place at the Protein Studios in Shoreditch. At the industrial looking space that had been equipped with clothing racks and posters of the podcast, the BBC team had set up a studio for all the invited bloggers, designers and journalists to first listen to a panel discussion and then to take part in a clothes swap with all the guests.

We had been told to bring our nicest unwanted clothing beforehand so I brought a Zara top I got tired of and a turtle neck sweater that is way too cute to sit in the back of my closet.

The panel consisted of our host of the night, Zing Tsjeng, the executive editor at Vice, Charli Howard, our podcast host Tansy Hoskins, and Emmanuella Kwenortey, the Fashion Fix Editorial Lead for BBC Sounds.

I was very impressed by the diverse panel and its different perspectives—everything from pineapple leather to the difficulties of voice recording at a spa was covered, discussed and backed up with some serious topic knowledge. The discussion was followed by a Q&A session where we could join in the discussion and benefit from the panel’s expertise. I naturally wanted to know about the panel’s best advice on transitioning to sustainable fashion without getting tempted by Zara’s bi-weekly stock change (as I surely have when I first changed my clothes consumption).

Podcast host Charli Howard made clear that it was all about falling in love with your old clothes again: “I just don’t have the concern whether somebody had seen me in [a piece] before. I’d say stop caring about what other people think [about re-wearing clothes], that is a big factor.”

After the Q&A, the crowd stormed the clothing racks and shelves that had been set up for the clothes swap. My find of the night was a pair of toyshop jeans culottes that will surely become a wardrobe staple of mine and have been tried and tested to lunch the morning after.

However, I loved it even more when I saw fellow sustainability blogger and founder of “Ethical InfluencersBesma take my turtle neck jumper and tell me that she had been looking for one just like this—super satisfying!

I also have to mention the delicious food that catering service Elysia brought to us: sustainable, seasonal food that almost looked too nice to be eaten (which I did regardless, as the taste was even better).

All in all, the evening was a source of motivation: many fashion lovers working together to fix a broken system. And that (almost revolutionary) spirit of change was my main and most important takeaway of the night.

So I am excited for the upcoming podcast episodes on which you will hear from plus-size model Sonny Turner on loving your body, accounting student turned fashion entrepreneur Emmanuel Enemokwu on sustainable streetwear, Depot-Star Bella McFadden on the rapidly growing industry of pre-loved clothing and many more.

My verdict: The right podcast at the right time!

Fashion Fix with Charli Howard is a podcast by BBC Sounds.
You can listen to it on BBC Sounds as well as on podcast apps.

This post has been proofread by Kendall Norman.

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