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Bags and accessories for those that are trendy AF but who also don’t want the world to blow up. Ahimsa Collective makes luxurious and sustainable products from waste materials.

Charity involved
Eco-friendly materials
Surplus materials
Low waste
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Ahimsa Collective is not just environmentally friendly but also environmentally beneficial. Their intention is to reduce the amount of waste on the planet and impact of the fashion industry. So (one of-) the great thing about them is that their ethos is aimed at not only reducing the footprint we have on the planet – but attempts to reverse it. Check out their journey here!

They do this by up-cycling materials (Pinatex is a good example of this) into luxury products thus filling a current gap in the market for mainstream, on-trend but also environmentally beneficial products, aimed at the commercial consumer market. They also offer a Recycling option for their products. If it doesn’t suit your needs anymore, you can simply send it back for them to recycle and walk away with 10% off a new item.

And as if all of this wasn’t enough, for every sale they make, they donate $5.00 to a local Australian charity – for now they’re supporting GhostNets Australia, whose mission is to get rid of marine debris.

All of their collection is made in Australia.


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