Beautiful, organic and fair everyday favourites. That’s what they do at ARMEDANGELS! They believe fairness is never out of fashion. We couldn’t agree more!

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No slave wages, no chemical madness and no cheap mass production. ARMEDANGELS have the planet at heart, which is why they only use durable and sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, organic linen, organic wool, Tencel and organic cotton. They are also GOTS certified since 2011.

Another thing we like about ARMEDANGELS is that they like challenging the status quo. Using recycled paper for their shipping boxes would already be a good thing, but they decided to take another step towards sustainability by using grass paper! It requires way less water and energy than recycled paper, on top of not requiring any chemicals.

Vegans, do not feel left out! Overall, ARMEDANGELS fashion is 90% vegan. To facilitate selection, they have a vegan section for women and men, where every piece is free from animal derived components. The leather-looking patches on their jeans for example are actually a material made out of paper.


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Portugal, Turkey

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