Incredibly cute hand embroidery on sustainable clothing.

Eco-friendly materials

Stefanija, the owner of the boutique as well as the little hands doing the embroidery, believes that the only design that is acceptable in the time that we live in is sustainable design.

She learned to knit when she was 8 years old and made her first bag from an old pair of jeans when she was 12. It was completely sewed by hand, and it was with embroidered hearts and flowers on it. She never stopped since then!

She came up with the idea of finding and choosing vintage materials and unusable clothing and making them part of something new, usable, and maybe even decorative. So from the things ready to become garbage she decided to make something decorative to make the living space unique, warm and more individual. She now collaborates with local sustainable brands and designers and hand embroiders ready-made clothing by them.

Some of the clothing is second hand, some is made in Berlin, some in Poland and other countries in EU. A portion of the clothing is made by Stanley Stella, an ethical and Fair Wear certified garment provider who makes clothing in Bangladesh.


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Bangladesh, Germany, Poland

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