Desmond & Dempsey

Fancy sleeping in a shirt? Desmond & Dempsey makes stunning pj’s with hand painted prints so beautiful they’ll make you love mornings. Dive into a universe of comfort that’s actually sexy and so luxurious it’ll make you feel as chic as Coco Chanel on a day off.

Desmond & Dempsey

Desmond & Dempsey celebrates the Aussie roots of a lovely couple. Read their story here, it is closely linked to how the brand was created, and how it all started.

We love their prints, which never fail to make us travel and wander…

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Passionate about sustainable living, ethical fashion and social justice, Morgane also founded Zero Waste Nest, as an attempt to demystify zero waste living. Her retirement plans are to adopt as many stray cats as she’s able to.

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