Sneakers with the classic look that we’ve loved for years, with one quite massive difference: these are made with a cause at heart! Oh and, you know, Fairtrade certified organic cotton.

Eco-friendly materials
Charity involved

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Back in the olden days (that’s 2006) when Ethletic was manufacturing soccer balls, they were the first to voluntarily and out of conviction donate a special premium: 15 % of the purchase price was paid to the workers’ welfare association at the production facilities. Now they still pay an extra 15% for each order they make to their manufacturers, so that the extra 15% goes to the employee Welfare Society to be spent on community projects.

At present, these funds are being used to finance health insurance policies, doctor visits, hospital stays, school material for children and clean drinking water facilities.

All the cotton they used is Certifed Fairtrade and organic, and the rubber comes from sustainable plantations, meaning no pesticides and no toxic chemicals are used.

All of their shoes are vegan, because Ethletic not only cares about human welfare, but also animal welfare. On top of that, they only use raw materials from farming areas that don’t compromise animal habitat through monocultures and overexploitation. They’re simply that good!


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