Fabric For Freedom

A celebration to creatively inspired fashion, beauty and femininity. Fabric For Freedom aspires to a business model which aims to change the face of fashion by addressing exploitation within the fashion industry, and by inspiring solutions to the current environmental crisis.

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Fabric For Freedom


Fabric for Freedom is built on a foundation of integrity: truth, transparency, justice. Nothing is wasted.

For too long, businesses have built supply chains to drive financial profits at the expense of people and the environment. Systematic exploitation remains rife, basic H&S measures do not exist, millions of workers live in poverty and with excessive hours, unpaid overtime, poor health, exhaustion, sexual harassment and slavery. It is evident practices need to change. We need transparency.

Fabric For Freedom was created to inspire, encourage and offer people an alternative. They will produce the clothing that is design-led, innovative and contemporary, whilst minimising the impact on the environment and being a company that benefits people by inspiring fair fashion that empowers and influences the current industry.


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