Freebella Swim

Eco-Swimwear made in downtown L.A. for girls who give a sh*t! Because you can make a difference and still look fly at the same time!

Eco-friendly materials
Locally sourced materials
Transparent supply chain

Fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world, and the second largest consumer of water. Freebella Swim is super aware of that, and willing to make a difference.

So what do they do exactly? Well, to start with, all of their bikinis are made in L.A. Secondly, you might already know that most swimwear is made with polyester. Now the thing with Polyester is that it is incredibly unsustainable as it’s made from petroleum, which heavily contributes to climate change. On top of that, it can take up to 200 years to biodegrade. That is why Freebella decided to use recycled polyester instead. So instead of using oil as the raw material source, recycled polyester uses PET from plastic bottles, preventing them from going to landfill.

Oh and, while we’re taking about rubbish, did you know that there are 640,000 tons of fishing nets in the ocean? Crying about it is tempting, but isn’t going to be of any help, so how about using them to recover nylon from them and make beautiful bikinis with it? The material resulting from this nylon transformation is called Econyl, and is used in Freebella Swim’s pieces.

They also source all of their materials locally and domestically, with the exception of Econyl, which comes from Italy.

Find the swimsuits expensive? Here’s the explanation.


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eco-friendly materials, locally-sourced materials, recycled, transparent supply chain

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