The Freitag brothers have been making bags from salvaged truck tarpaulins, disused bicycle inner tubes and old seat belts for over 20 years. In their new clothing line they use a material made of hemp, flax and modal that is all grown within a 2500km radius of the factory.

Eco-friendly materials
Surplus materials
Low waste

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Their clothes are 100% compostable, including some of the buttons! A piece of clothing thus becomes fertile soil for new raw materials and the cycle continues.

Their products are super sturdy, but if anything happens despite that, you can always get your item repaired or get some spare parts to do it yourself. If your product is less than three years old, they’ll even repair (the effects of normal wear and tear) free of charge.

Freitag are so proud of their manufacturing process that their factory is open to group tours. Look out for the rainwater tank that collects water to wash the tarpaulins!

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Italy, Switzerland

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