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Leggings that are made using 25 recycled plastic bottles, anyone? Or maybe a cosy crop top made in a sustainable material that ages just as well as fine wine?

Eco-friendly materials
Slow fashion
Charity involved
Plus sizes
All beauties

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Girlfriend Collective is for women who care as much about how the clothes look than in which conditions they were made. All of their clothing is made in their SA8000 certified factories. What does this mean? Well, basically that the factory is guaranteed not to have any forced or child labor, safe working conditions, and the right to unionize.

All of their post-consumer water bottles are sourced from Taiwan, in a factory that is certified by the government. Why would a recycling facility need to be certified? Well, it’s been an upcoming trend in countries (particularly China) to buy new plastic bottles and then recycle them, as it is easier and cheaper.

Girlfriend Collective is eco-friendly on all aspects: the process of dying clothes can be very wasteful for the environment as the wastewater usually gets dumped in streams or rivers. That is why in their facility, every single drop of water that is used to dye their fabric gets sent to their wastewater treatment plant literally 100 feet away from the machines. It doesn’t even have time to think about escaping!

Girlfriend Collective is all about women’s empowerment, which is why you can read some Wonder Women’s stories in their “Our Girlfriends” section.


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