Golden Brown

The antithesis of the modern day Barbie. Golden Brown the Label is loud and proud, speaking for what they believe in with actions to match their words. Their slow fashion collections are as strong on ethical and environmental practices as they are on unapologetic non-conformism, empowerment via free thinking and creativity through eclecticism.

Eco-friendly materials
Slow fashion

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We’re going back – back to folk and rock ‘n’ roll, but for the Golden Babe of the future with substance and creativity both.

Golden Brown is for the women of realism far and wide who want quality without compromising Mother Earth and all her people – where knowledge becomes power, and that power is used to spread knowledge with love and care, and together create a sense of pride. Golden Brown is an anti-establishment culture, where the clothing is luxurious but rightfully so – a small scale production by real artisans in real time, where the practices are ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable. Golden Brown is a place where responsibility is the forefront of business in fashion, and transparency is promoted and valued above all.

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