Bags, backpacks, toiletry bags and pencil cases made out of old truck tarpaulins, industrial bags, lifesaving equipment, sails, tents, seat belts, commercial banners…anything that is durable, waterproof and considered to be waste!

Low waste
Eco-friendly materials
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On average, 90% of all of the materials they use at grünBAG are either reused or sustainably sourced materials.

Rather than importing new plastic clasps, grünBAG now make their own out of recycled plastic, and they use polyester made from recycled plastic bottles for their softer materials.

Their products are currently handmade in their atelier based in the grünBAG headquarters in Denmark. For bigger orders that extend past their capacity, they outsource their work to a small group of sewers in Poland. They often make a trip to Poland in order to ensure quality as well as working conditions for their sewers.

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