Have you ever touched bamboo fabric? If not, you should! That’s the softest thing on earth. Want some gorgeous, soft and earth friendly underwear? HARA is exactly where you need to be!

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If “Hara” means green in Hindi, it’s because it represents pretty well what Allie, founder of the brand, had in mind. All of HARA pieces are made of organic bamboo, meaning they were grown without any pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers. Bamboo thrives on rainwater as it isn’t a very thirsty crop. In comparison, cotton uses up to 2700 litres for a single t-shirt.

Did you know that chemical dye from the fashion industry is the largest water contamination in Indonesia, Bangladesh and China? That is why all HARA pieces are dyed naturally, using the leaves of different plants. How amazing does that sound?!

All of their intimates are made in Bali by four tailors working in the comfort in their own homes.

Some of the profit of each purchase goes to the EJFoundation, to support their projects in remote areas of the world that are under environmental stress. We absolutely love the care that HARA puts into creating pieces that create a positive impact on the planet and the fashion industry!


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