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Why throw away men’s shirts when they could be made into clothes for the kids?! This is the question Little Boomerang asks with their range of beautiful clothes and accessories upcycled from preloved shirts.

They also use surplus material from Bugaboo to make long-lasting school backpacks and string bags. Check out their full story here!

Circular economy
Surplus materials
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Working with the values of social enterprise, Little Boomerang employ talented women who are struggling to access the labor market. All of their clothing is made out in preloved men’s shirts, in their studio in Amsterdam.

When buying a garment at Little Boomerang, you’ve got two options: sending your own shirt and have the garment made from it, or use one of Little Boomerang carefully selected shirts.

Oh and, Little Boomerang would love you to drop off your unwanted shirts or arrange a pickup. A good way of continuing the story of that favourite but too small shirt of yours while reducing waste!


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