Lois Hazel

Honest womenswear offering a multi-functional elegance to last through seasons, years, and stages of life. There’s brand transparency, and then there’s Lois Hazel’s level of brand transparency—which took this concept so previously neglected, and committed with passion and pride. Lois Hazel offers a 100% insight into the creation of their garments, right down to who sewed the buttons on each individual item.

Transparent supply chain
Eco-friendly materials
Low waste
Locally sourced materials

Lois Hazel

Lois Hazel stands out in the world of fashion in the most respectable way possible – through ethical and sustainable practices, through beautiful and elegant designs, but also through a concept which had been avoided or discarded for so long by the fashion industry: 100% transparency—not just about themselves but also the companies and people with which they work, through each step of the garment creation.

And, instead of just a passing-by mention, the in-house and local network of cogs which form their timeless clock are listed on their website beneath the subheading of “Family.”

Lois Hazel has used the inclusion of dead-stock textiles to reduce their waste, and with it formed small, exclusive collections of pieces both luxurious and comfortable to impress even the highest of critics in this big world of fashion. Lois Hazel is making a statement to show that honest practices do not hinder a business and a brand but, instead, have it grow tenfold with the utmost respect of those around it. Click on the Product Info tab of any item and see, uncensored, exactly who made your clothes.

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