We challenge you to have a look at Mayamiko’s stunning and colourful African-inspired collection of clothing and accessories without falling in love with it. You’ll see, it’s impossible!


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Eco-friendly materials
Locally sourced materials
Slow fashion

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Mayamiko is an industry leader when it comes to sustainable fashion. As well as giving back to its employees and creating life-changing opportunities for them, Mayamiko also uses a variety of eco-friendly materials, including GOTS certified cotton and upcycled Italian silk.

Their textiles are handpicked from the local fabrics market in Malawi, and their collections are “season free”.This means that they are carefully designed to be enjoyed all year round, whether on their own in summer, or beautifully layered and styled in winter.

Mayamiko works in partnership with the Mayamiko Trust, who offers trainings and educational courses for the most disadvantaged people in Malawi and other parts of Africa. The Trust wants to encourage and nurture what they already have: a wealth of creative talents and a willingness to learn.

Based in

United Kingdom


charity involved, eco-friendly materials, locally-sourced materials, organic, slow fashion

Made in

Italy, Laos, Malawi, Myanmar, Sri Lanka

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