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Make an impact on the world by getting jeans that (are beautiful and) made with sustainable materials that get recycled when they’re worn down.

Buy them or rent them, your choice!

Circular economy
Transparent supply chain
Eco-friendly materials

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MUD Jeans embodies circular economy at its best. The company started from a simple idea: cleaning up our own mess. Their “Lease A Jeans” concept allows people to lease a pair of jeans for a monthly fee during a year. At the end of the year you can decide whether you want to return them, keep them or switch them. MUD Jeans offers a free Repair Service, in case anything bad happens to your jeans.

So what do these jeans become once you send them back? The worn out ones get shredded, cut into pieces and… TADAA we get denim yarn! Their jeans are manufactured with this idea in mind from the start, which is why they use printed labels and not leather ones for example, to facilitate their recycling process.

The others jeans are upcycled and sold as vintage pairs. MUD Jeans is all about transparency too, you can have a look here to find out exactly where your garment was made!

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Italy, Tunisia

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