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Are you sick of buying underwear that ends up being completely worn out and loose after a having been worn only a handful of times? Organic Basics is here to solve that problem with their long lasting, high quality organic cotton basics.


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Eco-friendly materials
Slow fashion
Low waste
Transparent supply chain

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Organic Basics was created in 2015 by four Danish dudes who were tired of buying, wearing, washing and throwing away big branded underwear. They were looking for some simple and comfortable undergarments that would actually last. Sick of the fashion industry’s bad standards, they decided to created their very own high quality underwear that are good for the person wearing them, for the people making them, and for the planet.

They believe fast fashion is a lot like peeing your pants when you’re cold. It feels nice at first, but it’s not so good later on. Well, close enough, right?! They make their underwear from soft, long-form certified organic cotton. And because they decided to be awesome from start to finish, they keep their transportation grounded, on top of being mindful about the packaging they use and their management of waste water.

They started by making men’s underwear and then expanded their collection to include organic cotton t-shirts, socks, accessories and a full collection for ladies!

They like to use basic colours, timeless styles, and don’t make seasonal collections.

So now, organic cotton is great, but they found out that washing and drying account for 2/3 of the environmental impact of a piece of clothing. So they’ve found a solution. It comes in the form of a new material called SilverTech. It’s basically certified organic cotton spun with sustainably sourced silver thread. The end material is heat-regulating, antibacterial and odourless, meaning it requires less frequent washing. And washing less means that the lifetime of the garment gets prolonged.


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eco-friendly materials, low waste, organic, slow fashion, transparent supply chain

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