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With transparency at heart, People Tree loves fashion, but they do fashion differently. They believe in putting people and the environment at the centre of the business, and that’s exactly what they do!

Eco-friendly materials
Charity involved
Transparent supply chain


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Founded in 1991 by renowned fashion activist Safia Minney, People Tree is involved in more than Fair Trade fashion. They pick their farmers, artisans and producers with great care. For example, some actively empower disadvantaged women in Indian slum communities, others employ deaf, mute and economically disadvantaged women.

People Tree designers are not only focussed on creating beautiful pieces — they also consider how to create work in developing countries by using artisanal skills such as weaving and embroidery. From sophisticated tops to yoga wear, People Tree got you covered!

They also work alongside with The People Tree Foundation to promote environmental justice and Fair Trade.

Never thought fashion could be as dedicated to making the world a better place? Think again!


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Based in

Japan, United Kingdom

Made in

Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Nepal

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