Feel like you can’t find a single pair of trousers that fit you? Selfnation have got your back with beautiful tailor-made jeans and chinos. Oh and, have a look at their studio, it feels like playing The Sims!

Transparent supply chain
Plus sizes


Selfnation was founded in 2013 by two techy guys who witnessed their girlfriends not being able to find the perfect pair of jeans that would fit them amazingly well. Selfnation provides affordable, fashionable custom tailor-made trousers, from the comfort of your home. Simply pick your style, measure yourself, and you’re done!

Everything at Selfnation is sewn by hand and all the fabrics (from the yarn to the buttons) are from Europe. By having a local production, they can to keep the transport routes short and preserve the environment!

Vegans, do not feel left out because of that leather label: the brand is happy not to put any on yours if you specify it by email.

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plus sizes, transparent supply chain, vegan

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Germany, Switzerland

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