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Designed to travel – whether it be a small adventure or a journey around the world through all environments and all cultures: minimalism and practicality are proudly hand-made to order into each garment, without compromising on a refined style for the wearer and the wanderer. Slow-fashion, authentic clothing to inspire slow, authentic travel – with purpose.

Eco-friendly materials
Low waste

Stasi Travels - Ethical Fashion Guide
Tasi Travels truly is for the traveller, for the eco-conscious, for the minimalist, for the ones who vote quality over quantity and who desire the freedom of movement – be it in their daily lives, or exploring the beautiful countries and cultures across all lands.

Complete transparency is a point of pride, and through that, Tasi Travels explains that each item is handmade to order from the most sustainable fabrics available, creating as small an eco-footprint as possible with their complete love and care.

Dreamed up while travelling upon the island of Timor-Leste (with “Tasi” meaning “ocean” in the local Tetun language), additional elements were included—brought about from needs: suitability for the environment, and hot climates with breathable materials and coverage from the sun, and also a respect and appropriation for more conservative cultures.

Tasi Travels also hosts their own small trips back to the origin of their idea, wanting to inspire others to experience the beauty of the land as they did, and follow in their footsteps – travelling with purpose.

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