Sneakers on two missions: to make you feel (and look) fab’ and to make the fashion industry a better place. Think fair trade, of course, but also eco-friendly materials and ultra-transparency.

Charity involved
Transparent supply chain
Eco-friendly materials
Locally sourced materials

Veja logo
From rubber to organic cotton, every material used to make Veja sneakers comes from Brazil. In 2009, they entrusted its logistics to Ateliers Sans Frontières, a job reintegration workshop. Their mission is to fight social exclusion through labour.

Veja is all about transparency. From how much a VEJA factory employer earns to their cotton producer contracts, they disclose everything! Since 2009, they also started sharing their limits.

Where does the name “Veja” come from? Nope you got it wrong, it does not from “vegetarian” or “vegan”, (even if they do have a vegan collection), don’t worry—we made the same mistake. In Portuguese, “veja” means “look”. The founders had the idea of looking through your sneakers, to see what’s behind them.

How did Veja manage to offer fair trade sneakers at such an affordable price? By giving up on advertising. Doing so enabled them to reallocate advertising resources to production, raw materials, and the people who make the sneakers. They’ve also developed a new material entirely made from recycled bottles called B-mesh. The bottles are picked up from the streets in Rio and Sao Paolo, and are then crushed into flakes.

Make sure to listen to the story of how the brand was created, narrated by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, its two founders!


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