Scandinavian sustainable luxury accessories for women who refuse to compromise on ethics and aesthetics.

Transparent supply chain
Eco-friendly materials
Charity involved

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Wyilda is the first brand out of Scandinavia with a firm grasp on modern luxury accessories. The two founders, Petra and Hanna, are on a mission to spread Nordic sustainable luxury to the World. Wyilda goes the extra mile to ensure a luxury standard. Their scarves are crafted from premium mulberry silk with thick binding to stitch their hems. To top it off, each scarf comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by one of the founders.

Wyilda has unique prints for all occasions. Go for Spring Roar if you’ve got a wedding or a Sunday brunch, Winter Garden if you want a year-round piece, Dancing Foxes if you want to look dashing at the office and Reflections of Self if you’re going for a more relaxed look. The saturated prints are achieved without using any AZO’s, APEOs or formaldehyde chemicals.

Transparency is key to Wyilda. For each piece, they share information about the suppliers and manufacturers, all the way down to the sub-contractor level. You’ll find out about the packaging, thread, hem, hangtag, fabric, and even the care label!

According to team-Wyilda, a Northerner never compromises on the things that really matter, and they believe that neither should you. Which includes a dedication to bring Nordic labor standards into less regulated markets. Being a new brand, they are not there yet. So as a first step they have initiated collaboration with AWAJ – a notable trade union in Bangladesh. Wyilda donates five percent of each purchase to their mission.

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charity involved, eco-friendly materials, transparent supply chain

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