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zero waste daniel, or ZWD, invented the first line of zero waste clothing, made from ReRoll™, the fabric of the future. ZWD is composed of 100% scrap material in a bold effort to reduce fashion waste through reimagined design techniques and supply chains.

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Founder and designer Daniel Silverstein created ZWD in 2016 as a line of genderless basics using a closed loop production system and technique called ReRoll™, which turns surplus scrap fabric into eye-catching mosaics and layouts. Each piece is unisex and completely one-of-a-kind. The ZWD team is committed to ensuring that each client can directly and positively impact the fashion industry’s waste crisis by wearing standout designs created with the future in mind.

All the pieces are made in a transparent storefront factory in Brooklyn where each piece produced diverts roughly one pound of textile waste from landfill. The mission of zero waste daniel is to tackle and change industry norms by reimagining how to design and create without waste.

We are drawn to Daniel and his team’s talent and ingenuity, and of course the comfort and originality of their garments. Each item helps us tell a story about how the future of the fashion industry is more democratic, self-expressive, and inherently less wasteful.

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