Elevate Your Workwear With MATTER Prints

Elevate Your Workwear With MATTER PRINTS - Ethical Fashion Guide

Do you know how your clothes have been made? I can honestly say that for a long time, I had little to no idea of the entire process in big manufacturing chains. Sure, I had seen pictures of garment workers in front of sewing machines. But making the fabric, printing, and pattern-cutting? The steps from raw material to finished garment are almost infinite and often invisible.

MATTER Prints made it their mission to make this exact process accessible to everyone: the entire manufacturing process of their clothes is illustrated in words and pictures on the website.
For every step, MATTER Prints’ techniques section elaborates on its exact location, techniques applied and the artisans involved.

The Makers

By letting designers work closely with artisans from rural communities instead of placing their ideas on them, they craft with generations of artisans to use their traditional prints, crafting skills and expertise.

Following a holistic approach to sustainability, the garments are made in a minimal waste cutting process. Offcuts are being used for the adorable #mattermini line, finding a purpose in new clothing.

To combine the advantages of technology and tradition, digital and mechanical processes are used whenever most efficient, never forgetting the incomparable worth and quality of human craftsmanship.


All the styles are purposefully seasonless, enabling the owner to wear them throughout the year. Because the most sustainable garment is one that finds many uses.

Reading through the sections, I was impressed and reassured by the level of thoughtfulness and transparency. That way, I knew my garment of choice would be made in great valuation and respect of humans and nature.

#whomademyclothes is more than answered on their amazing website. Just have an eye on the clock – the powerful images especially drew me in and eventually, I spent hours on there!



As cold weather is approaching, I ordered myself a jumpsuit that I could wear to uni, work or in the evening. After careful consideration, I chose the work jumpsuit in hairline stripe print. With its flare legs and bow detail on the waist, I thought that it would look great with ankle boots and a cosy coat or a blazer.

The ordering process was more than easy. It took me about one minute to check out and I couldn’t wait for the jumpsuit to arrive, which it did about a week later.

Elevate Your Workwear With MATTER PRINTS - Ethical Fashion Guide

Sustainable + Transparent

Unpacking it, I immediately noticed how thoughtful the design was: my impression is that MATTER’s first and main priority with the jumpsuit was to make it elegant yet comfortable enough to not feel restricted.

Case in point, the jumpsuit has buttons that adjust to your waist so it essentially grows with you.

MATTER has also integrated a small closure on the neck area so that no weird gaps occur.

Especially with a wrap design, I feel that this is an element to really boost your confidence and comfort in clothing as it prevents the fabric from gaping open whenever you move.

The try on

The fabric is soft and feels surprisingly cosy against the skin and the print is absolutely beautiful. I really loved the narrow hairpin stripes that added a certain element of business-chic to the garment.

Overall, I was really impressed with the thoughtfulness and perfect adaption to the needs of a female body. Ideally I would have the legs and straps shortened a little bit to fit me perfectly. As I am only 5’4” in height, however, I do have this problem with many garments. Because of the chilly London weather, I styled the work jumpsuit with black heeled boots, an oversized trench coat, sunglasses, a hat and a small handbag.

The movement and flare of the legs made a nice contrast to the very fitted and waist-accentuated top, adding a bit of subtle drama to the cut. Wearing it, I felt confident and safe – just like every power suit should make you feel!

Do you like my interpretation of the jumpsuit? How would you style it? Leave us a message over on our Instagram @ethical.fashion.guide and check out @matterprints, too – looking forward to seeing you there!

This post was kindly sponsored by MATTER Prints. As usual, we only work with projects and brands we strongly support and believe in. All opinions are our own.

This post has been proofread by Kendall Norman.

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