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Fashion Revolution week happened about three weeks ago now. Whilst many asked #whomademyclothes and took part in the activities, it now is the right time to implement the new resolutions into our everyday consumption habits.

To begin with, why not use your seasonal shopping to support labels that are in line with your ethics? On my last (virtual) shopping spree, I have curated all of the pieces that I love for spring in stylish, long-lasting and ethical versions. So have fun, experiment and pick just what is right for you. And remember: The most sustainable shopping happens in your own wardrobe. So if you have amazing white sneakers, care for them, wear them until they fall apart and then go for a sustainable replacement.

Happy sustainable shopping everyone! If you buy any of these pieces, I would be over the moon if you left me feedback on how you like them.


The perfect blue jeans

As much as I love jeans, shopping for denim is a nightmare for me. I rarely ever find my perfect fit or fabric and with sustainability in mind, it got even harder. Did you know that jeans are amongst the most polluting items of clothing?

This in mind, I was excited when I came across Detox Denim by ARMEDANGELS.

Usually, the chemicals used for dying jeans and creating their beloved used look are not so useful for the environment.

Many fabric workers suffer from lung diseases by constantly being exposed to these chemicals and if you’ve ever smelled brand new jeans, you just know that putting them on your bare skin is probably not the best idea (read my Interview with sustainable stylist Lauren Engelke, for whom this was a key moment).

Detox Denim (as the name indicates) uses harm-free dyes in their manufacturing and works under closely monitored production conditions. Therefore, you let nothing toxic touch your skin and support human rights and the environment at the same time.

I am quite short so my pick for summer is the TILLA CROPPED light. It’s skinny jeans that go up to the mid waist and shows your ankle. Perfect to catch an extra bit of sunlight on those sunny days.


Credits: Honest Basics

A white and a black t-shirt

A simple T builds the foundation for a great look. But finding the perfect model is a true challenge for me. And to judge by the countless edits and articles on how to find the perfect white t-shirt, I’m not the only one in this. If you, too, still haven’t found “the one”, you might want to try the crewnecks by Honest Basics.

The GOTS-certified T-Shirts are soft, modernly cut and designed for a long and happy life in your wardrobe.

And, even better, their shape is just boxy enough to give room for tucking it in, the sleeves drop just at the right length and the round neck literally screams to be paired with a cute necklace. So, what are you waiting for?

Sneakers made for walking

Whether you are into fair fashion or not, you cannot have slept on the VEJA sneakers. Spotted on celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Emma Watson and Emily Ratajkowski, the sneakers have made their way into mainstream fashion without ditching their sustainable manufacturing practices. Caring for the environment and their workers, VEJA offers great and affordable sneakers that are truly made for walking. My pick is the V-10 extra white that immediately gives a sporty yet vintage vibe to my looks.

I replaced my old Stan Smith with these and did not look back ever since.

Credits: Veja

A flowy dress for those days when planning your outfit just wasn’t an option

The best thing about summer is the early sunrises and late evenings. Whilst mornings can be chilly and evenings call for snuggly blankets and campfires, the days are hot and sunny. The perfect outfit to carry you through an entire summer day is a flowy maxi dress with the
most beautiful paisley pattern and a beautiful, thought-through design.

Spring + Summer Capsule - Ethical Fashion Guide
Spring + Summer Capsule - Ethical Fashion Guide
Spring + Summer Capsule - Ethical Fashion Guide

Credits: Christy Dawn

The fabric is lightweight so that your skin is protected from the UV rays whilst staying chill in the summer sun.
On the ethical side, you keep the fabric from going to landfill and wear clothes that have been made under fair and protected manufacturing conditions. Christy Dawn, LA-based label, manufactures clothing from deadstock fabric locally and in limited numbers in order to avoid excess production. It is a splurge but cost per wear will justify this purchase for sure.

Credits: Mashu

The bag to tie it all together

In spring, I don’t need much. My sunglasses, a bit of mineral sunscreen, my purse and I am good to go. I still want to carry everything in style, of course, which is why I have laid my eyes on the Iris Bag by Mashu.

Its boxy design along with its brass handle are a dream come true for everyone that loves an amazing handbag for a fraction of a designer price tag. Granted, at just under 300 pounds, this bag is not a bargain – but broken down into cost per wear, I promise that it won’t come more expensive than the 20 Zara handbags you bought over the last years (we’ve all been there).

And to make it even better, this bag is vegan, made from recycled plastic and was handcrafted by artisans in Greece. Now when ethical manufacturing and great fashion come together, how could you resist?

Credits: Mashu

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